These General Terms and Conditions will be applied to all sales realized through Lisbona Oil, S.L. The version applied to your order will be the one in force at the moment we process your order. These terms can be stored in a way that they are not manipulated. In order to improve our products and services, Lisbona Oil S.L., reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without previous notice. Accepted orders are not subject to new terms and conditions.

1) Orders by phone and service hours
We accept order by telephone at 606 331 402, or by calling customer service at 952 546 548 or using e-mail or using our through our website at Working hours are from Monday to Friday from 8.30 until 19.30. Delivery hours can be adjusted to the time schedule our customers offer us.

2) Orders and Conditions
Ordering from Lisbona Oil SL implies full understanding and acceptance, without exceptions, of our terms and conditions although your acceptance must be made official by signing our delivery contract.
The minimum required quantity is subject to confirmation by phone on behalf of Lisbona Oil S.L. Once the order is confirmed the buyer accepts the current terms and conditions. The buyer declares to be at least 18 years old. To cancel an order please get in touch with Customer Service at 952 546 548 or 606 331 402. The deadline for cancelling orders is set at 5PM the day before the scheduled delivery. In accordance with art. 40 of law number 47/2002 of the reformed law 7/1996 coming from the Comercio Minorista dated on 15th of January and law 32/2002 of the 11th of July of e-commerce, before realizing an order, the buyer has the right of understanding the principal characteristics of the products he is about to acquire. Any photographic material or drawings displayed on our web site are merely illustrational and do not compromise the responsibilities of the seller.

3) Delivery of the orders
Lisbona Oil, S.L. guarantees delivery of the gasoil within a timeframe of 48 hours. The product will be delivered at the location specified by the buyer in the contract, within the operating reach of Lisbona Oil SL being the province of Málaga and some locations in the border provinces.

4) Commercial products and pricing
All products are being delivered at the address specified by the buyer. Prices can vary depending on the liters required and the area of delivery. Promotional offers are valid until end of stock and depending on the date. Prices are displayed in Euros and are susceptible to changes depending on the daily oil prices. Deliveries will be invoiced with the oil price at the moment of the order.

5) Payments
Clients of Lisbona Oil S.L. can choose, at their convenience, any of the following methods of payments.

PREPAY : once the order has been processed and the amount to be paid is known, payment can be made in cash or by wire transfer. The proof of payment should have its proper seal and authentication of the buyer’s bank. Delivery is made after receiving the proof. Missing data or clearing checks can cause delays of up to five working days.

CASH PAYMENT TO DRIVER The payment has to be made to the driver before loading the product. Please enquire about this payment option when ordering so we can inform our driver.

DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD (from any bank institution) Inform us about paying by card so the driver can bring his wireless bank card reader. For your own safety Lisbona Oil SL reserves the right to ask you to show identification (passport or national id) to verify you as the holder of the bank card.

DOMICILED RECEIPT choosing this payment method requires an extra form to be filled in. Approval of third party service company Crédito y Caución is required. The receipts will be domiciled in accordance with agreements made with the customer and as specified in the signup delivery contract.
Whatever the payment method of your choice, it always needs to be specified before ordering if it is different than what is usually done. Lisbona Oil SL reserves the right to delay or cancel any order or delivery in any phase because of overdue or missing payments owed from the buyer.
The delivery of a new order can be delayed in case of an overdue payment of a previous one. All payments are to be done in euros. Lisbona Oil SL remains the only owner of the goods until payment is completely done, including taxes and costs.

Lisbona Oil SL only disburses payments when reports from Crédito y Caución assign sufficient credit level to the customer. Lisbona Oil SL reserves the right to deny or accept any request.

Deferrals and returns can be subject to possible charges made by Lisbona Oil SL.

During the supply and once the product has passed the hose pistol into the deposit, the customer is responsible for the correct handling of the product. Any problem that affects the product’s quality such as water or dirt in the tank is solely the responsibility of the customer and not of Lisbona Oil SL. The company can not be held responsible for not being able to deliver if there is no stock left or because of a force majeure. It is also the complete responsibility of the buyer to legalize the installation or to assign a Safety Advisor. Lisbona Oil SL also reserves the right to claim the certification of the legalization of the installation. Lisbona Oil SL can not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage from the products.

9. Disputes and jurisdictions
Complaints or questions are always welcome and will be addressed. We consider those that take the time to complain as acting in good faith. In case of disputes the buyer can call the number of Customer Service 952 546 548 or write us at or by post at the following address: Calle Francisco de Goya, 3-5, 29.700 Vélez-Málaga. Any dispute relative to the interpretation, the execution or ruling of the contract realized between Lisbona Oil SL and the buyer, in case of plurality between the defendants, will be presented exclusively to the Tribunals of Málaga if an agreement is not met. All costs related to judicial procedures, if there are any, will be at account of the offender.