Leading Company in Diesel Distribution and Sales

The Lisbona Oil company’s history started in 1962, with the installation of the first service station in Torre del Mar.

Service Station El Visillo

We offer our customers top quality combustibles processed with our proprietary Microfiltrado technology. Enjoy our broad selection of (non-)food products in the store, car accessories, gas bottles from Cepsa and Repsol and a carwash.

Gasoil Distribution Center

Our lorries can deliver Gasoil type A (Automotive), Gasoil B (State Bonus Oil or Home Heating Oil) and EcoDiesel (Eco fuel for larger burners). Lisbona Oil is operating with experienced drivers that can locate even the most remote areas.
  • Diesel Efficiency

    Lisbona Oil has developed a series of patented filters that help eliminate any remaining impurities, whether liquid or solid, in the gasoil. The result is called Microfiltrado or microfiltrated diesel. This technique is offered both in the service station as in the gasoil at home service. The improved diesel holds many advantages such as cleaner combustion, fewer emisions, less engine noise and a reduced consumption of gasoil.
  • Eco-Friendly

    The company recently introduced a new synthetic fuel to the domestic and industrial heating oil market. This EcoDiesel is created through a process of pyrolysis of plastic remains, as an alternative to dumping in landfill sites. The end-product holds more calorific power than any conventional gasoil allowing for savings of up to 5% in consumption.
  • Family-owned

    The company has been in business since 1962, operating from the gas service station in Torre del Mar. Nowadays the company is still being led by the family, and continuing with investments in new lorries and a remodelling of the gas station.